Who is Gertie Dear?

Gertie Dear

Hello World!! I am an aspiring poet/writer/thinker/creative, who is writing under the pseudonym Gertie Dear. The name Gertie Dear came about after a fateful trip to the antique store. If you will refer to the picture above that is my much loved Remington Rand typewriter. As soon as we saw each other across the room at the antique store; it was love at first type (see what I did there?…Ha Ha). Anywho, I swiped this Remington up and brought it home (not easily, that thing weighs a ton!!). Once home, I gave it an honored spot on my dining room table and there it has sat and inspired me every single day. After working on and living with my Remington for a few days I decided that it needed a name. As you can see this machine has personality, charisma, presence!! I needed a way to address and talk about my typewriter and that is how Gertie Dear was created. The first name came to me easily, I mean just look at her she is definitely a Gertie. The last name took me a bit longer. I made a list of all potential last names that I liked and narrowed them down one by one until the last, Dear. Why Dear? You may ask. I thought it had a nice ring. It was a term of endearment that many people use everyday for their loved ones and Gertie, my typewriter, definitely falls into the “loved ones” category for me. Since coming into my life she has given me a voice, an outlet, for things that have been stewing inside of me for years; I just hadn’t quite figured out the right method for getting these thoughts out. But then Gertie, and my passion project was born. So now you know, my new found friends, what I am all about. Thank you, for coming to visit me at my small little place in the world. I hope that you enjoy reading my writing as much as I have enjoyed the process of bringing it into existence.
With Much Love,

-Gertie Dear


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